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About Diane Huhn
My childhood was split between the wilds of Michigan and the shores of Florida. My young adulthood was spent enjoying the beauty of Upstate New York. Each of these places gave me a unique appreciation for the outdoors and a desire to conserve our environment for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. Moving to southern Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, in 2008, one of the fastest disappearing places on Earth, brought that desire to a new level. While coastal Louisiana has the highest rates of unnatural land loss on the planet, it is also home to some of the most beautiful natural surroundings imaginable, sparking my interest in photography. I hope that the photographs I took of this region during the five years I lived in the small bayou community of Chauvin, capture a sliver of its beauty and serve to inspire people from across the nation to work together to ensure the survival of this American treasure. Leaving south Louisiana to be closer to my family in the Midwest was a difficult decision, but I am thoroughly enjoying rediscovering the place I call home through the lens of my camera.

I hope that you enjoy my photographs. Images are available for sale. If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing an image, please contact me at 269-331-0937 or diane.huhn@gmail.com. Thank you!

Please click the link below for a video about my work in south Louisiana put together by Andrea Dupree of the Art of the Bayou project.